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I’m not really for these lists, but I make exceptions. Plus Roni is great. She was the first to give this a go, so I’d like to take a shot on goal too.

Five ways to win your heart

1.) Honesty
2.) Kindness
3.) Patience (especially when it comes to how much I tend to nerd out over different things)
4.) A great sense of humor
5.) And let’s face it, a certain amount of geekery, especially with things that aren’t of my interests. I love to learn about people and new things.

Something you feel strongly about

Love and tolerance. The world can be a much better place not because we all love each other, but because we tolerate things we don’t understand. People are killed everyday because of things they find “offensive,” playing into certain stereotypes.

A book you love

Thinking about the books I read this year, I loved reading Last Words, the autobiography (or sortabiography) of George Carlin. It’s so strange knowing that starting from my childhood, Carlin was already part of my life and continued to be so until his death. I owe his work a great deal of gratitude, and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be who I was today without his influence.

Bullet your whole day

  • Wake up
  • Pretend to check my watch, then yell “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” (Trust me, this fires me up).
  • Shower
  • Breakfast
  • Take in a half hour most of gaming
  • Leave for work
  • Arrive, then maybe get coffee/tea before starting
  • Work *
  • Lunch in between *
  • Work some more *
  • Take off to head home.
  • Dinner when I get back.
  • Take in my podcast for the day.
  • (Optional) Continue where I left off from video gaming earlier.
  • Internet time.
  • Sleep

* – denotes time online as well.

Things you want to say to an ex

Your kid looks almost like my nephew. It kinda scares me.

Your views on mainstream music

How the fuck can you “view” something you listen to?

But I really have no opinion on it. Music to me was always selective, and not in a pretentious elitist way either. I love music, regardless of the genre. I just feel that some music today is not made for me, so I really shouldn’t be hating on it, nor judge people on what they listen to. A musician friend once told me “If it sounds good to you, then good. If not, remember that someone else likes what you don’t.” I can probably tell you what my favorite Japanese Math Rock band is one minute, then later say how incredibly awesome I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys is.

Five pet peeves

– Tardiness
– Ignorance
– Extremely pretentious people
– People who are slow as fuck while in line at the ATM.
– The Philadelphia Flyers (hey o!)

What you ate today

Pancakes I made myself

How important you think education is

It’s everything. It’s the equivalent to EXP. Points in an RPG. You can’t Level Up your character if you haven’t developed your skill set enough. Regardless if you have a diploma or not, it is the most important factor to slaying that final boss called Ignorance by helping you develop Well-Roundedness/Worldliness. People are naturally curious, they just need to see it themselves. Be it in an institution or on the street, they are learning everyday. What they get from these experiences is up to them, but they should not glaze over anything that comes their way. The saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none.” The real ending to that should be “…though often better than a Master of One.”

Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play

– Tom Waits’ Ruby’s Arms
– Razorback’s Daan-daang Dahilan
– Heart’s These Dreams
– Rush’s Freewill
– Supergrass’ Movin’
– Survivor’s Ever Since The World Began (really?)
– Miles Davis’ So What?
– Brian Garcia’s Purple Bloom
– Whitesnake’s The Deeper The Love
– Rainbow’s Stargazer

Your family

is huge. Last I checked, I have about 60+ cousins, and already 3 nephews and nieces.

Five girls you find attractive

– Alison Brie
– Felicia Day
– Veronica Belmont
– Karen Gillan
– Can I just add whoever wears glasses here and has a great smile?

Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it

Being the resident fat kid was both a curse and a blessing. The first part’s obvious, having sat through excessive bullying and teasing for it as I went on with my childhood. It depressed the hell out of me, but later in life it was became a good thing. See, this is a thin man’s world, and a lot of assertions made about others always come from “a thin man’s point of view.” It’s not that easy telling fat people that they should lose weight or if “well if they just did this, then they wouldn’t be that.” There’s always more to it.

But the bright side to this constant battle? It made me more empathetic to the world. I grew up fat, and I know about rejection. Because of that, I endeavor to not let people feel rejected. It’s the fucking bane of my existence…..I am “that guy”. I’m a guy that understands what it’s like to be rejected. I don’t care who you are. It’s not like you walk through that door, I’m going to rob you of your dignity or anything like that. I’m pulling for you. Even if you suck, I won’t let you think you suck to your face. If I did you would never fucking know it.

So yeah. I’ve gotten lighter since.

What you wore today

It’s still morning so I’m wearing an old shirt from high school and ratty shorts that I use for sleeping. I am fucking glamorous.

Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality

I don’t really believe in astrology but as a Bull, I think I can say that I get my kicks just chatting with people, or bullshitting with them.

Well that and The Rock, The Brahma Bull himself, was born the same day I was.

Something you always think “what if” about

What if I actually progressed through school “on time” instead of being held back a year when I was entering kindergarten. The possibilities scare me.

Something that you’re proud of

My college thesis. I know I know, it gets tiring to just talk about the same thing, but it still remains the highest point of my entire academic life. Not only did I get to write and research about something incredibly geeky, but I managed to sang Best Thesis in my course. While I didn’t get Best Thesis in my batch overall, I was content with just letting it be accepted. Everything else that followed was just bacon icing.

A problem that you have had

My Skyrim character is pathetic with magic, and it’s starting to affect how I go through some areas.

Five items you lust after

– Japan
– Canada
– A really awesome apartment that will also serve as my nerdy man cave.
– A replica of the Tenth Doctor’s coat
– Mass Effect 3

Your fears

I fear people who work hard and show passion for their craft won’t get the recognition they deserve.

How you hope your future will be like

More hardened, more experience points, and someone actually finding me hillarious.

Your academics

Communications and Media Studies. That’ll never change.

Five words/phrases that make you laugh

1. Fishnets
2. All variants of “douche.” Like douchecanoe, doucheageddon, douchechimp, douchenozzle etc
3. “You cock juggling thundercunt.”
4. “Tangina naman eh.”
5. Boobs, says 12-year old me.

Something you’re currently worrying about

Christmas shopping, the new year and if I can kick ass.

Things you like and dislike about yourself

I like that I can be very self effacing and always find something to comment on, regardless of what’s going on.

I dislike that I can be very self effacing and always find something to comment on, regardless of what’s going on.

What to believe???

A quote you try to live by

“Don’t go where the puck was. Go where it’s going to be.” – Wayne Gretzky
“Don’t be a dick.” – Wil Wheaton
“It’s Clobberin’ Time!” – The Thing

Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit

Tokyo or Canada. Two places that have played major roles in my life with the things they’ve produced. Forever grateful to these two places, but feel bad I haven’t gotten around to seing them.

Five weird things that you like

– Old/Dated technology.
– Bad movies.
– The ambiance of Sari sari stores.
– Living Colour’s Cult of Personality (it makes me twitch)
– The sounds of a hockey game.

One thing you’re excited for

The look on some people’s faces when the world won’t be ending on December 21, 2012.




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