100 Wishes

First off, thanks once again to everyone for the birthday wishes last week. Being 28 for about a week still hasn’t yielded any differences but these things do take time. I know I took a very serious tone in my pre-birthday blog entry but I did have a few things I wanted to get off my chest while also not being too explicit on detail. So to make up for it, I’m making things a little more on the upside here. Which means linky links and the occasional funny picture.

So like plenty of great things in life, I am inspired by science and the people that do science.  Those that know me are familiar with my love for science shows like 3-2-1 Contact, Mr. Wizard and Mythbusters. Particularly, I enjoy the talks Adam Savage has given over the years as he is easily one the most likeable, relatable and personable people on television. His talk about obsession and failure were big on me when I first saw them and in my own profession, I try to get my students to learn through his talks and have so far been successful.

One of my favorite talks he did was back in DragonCon when he gave a list of his 100 Wishes. An idea that seemed fun, creative and simple, but really tough to do one you get it started. After I had my birthday noodles, I thought about that talk for awhile and thought: Why not? Let me have a shot at making my own list.

So without further delay, here’s my version of Adam Savage’s 100 wishes.  If you’ve seen the video, I do have similar wishes to him but I did say that he’s one hell of a relatable guy. Most of these start the same way so unless it’s stated: I want/I would like to….

 100 Wishes

  1. Have my own TARDIS
  2. Own a house in the mountains and live the cold life.
  3. Run a record store in a small town.
  4. Draw!
  5. Build my own Mass Effect N7 armor and M-23 Katana prop.
  6. Go on a good old fashioned American road trip.
  7. Attend a genuine Gospel Choir show.
  8. Hang out with blues musicians at Morgan Freeman’s blues bar.
  9. Do voice over for a video game.
  10. Have the greatest bowl of chili in the world.
  11. Go to the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and blow things up with the Mythbusters.
  12. Learn how to parkour!
  13. If I could choose a super power, I would like the following abilities: Cellular regeneration, flight, perfect fighting skills, the ability to speak every language and to speed up time by turning everything into an 80s training montage.
  14. Have my own man cave.
  15. Make that said man cave be accessible only via a fake bookcase entrance.
  16. See the edge of the world, otherwise known as Patagonia.
  17. Experience the Aurora Borealis in person.
  18. Join Rush on tour.
  19. In this lifetime, see Earth from outer space.
  20. Hang out with the cast of Community.
  21. Learn a magic trick on a Penn and Teller level.
  22. Prepare a meal starting from the wild.
  23. High five a freakin’ walrus. That shit looks so fun.
  24. Dance like James Brown did.
  25. Sail on a pirate ship.
  26. Write a worthy Twilight Zone episode.
  27. Participate in sketch comedy.
  28. Go hiking in the Canadian wilderness.
  29. Swim with sharks while in a cage.
  30. Go camping in a desert under the stars.
  31. Be the English voice for dubbed martial arts movie from Hong Kong
  32. Score a huge goal during the Stanley Cup finals.
  33. And what the hell, carry the Stanley Cup.
  34. Have dinner with someone I admire but disagree with.
  35. Have a very lengthy conversation with Cameron Crowe about anything.
  36. Unearth something that’s been lost for centuries unexpectedly.
  37. Skydive like a missile.
  38. Build my own armor set for any potential LARP event.
  39. Attend the Late Show with David Letterman.
  40. Perform good standup for half an hour.
  41. Own a fucking light saber.
  42. Stay in Sweden for a month.
  43. Explore Morocco.
  44. Forge my own Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.
  45. Have a 24 hour adventure that ends with pancakes at dawn.
  46. Drive around San Diego California with Tom Waits.
  47. Jump from one moving vehicle to another.
  48. Be in an episode of Doctor Who. Even if I was in a rubber suit and barely noticeable.
  49. Pilot my own spaceship.
  50. See George Carlin’s stand up.
  51. Spend a day recreating some of my favorite movie scenes.
  52. Create an original LEGO ship from scratch that children will build.
  53. Have my own functioning Portal gun.
  54. Wear one of the original Godzilla costumes and stomp all over a fake town.
  55. Participate in a wrestling angle where I get beat up for fun!
  56. See a printer that ACTUALLY cooperates.
  57. Sit in on one of Kevin Smith’s podcasts.
  58. Visit temples in India.
  59. Ride a motorcycle on an American highway.
  60. Be sent on an international spy mission.
  61. Plan a trip through riding a train.
  62. Attend high school during the 1980s. Movies made it seem fun.
  63. Drive and use a forklift.
  64. Be one of the Muppets’ puppeteers (Specifically, Beaker).
  65. Spend a full season in Tokyo, Japan.
  66. Explore a cave that’s hidden by a waterfall.
  67. Intern at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.
  68. Go bowling with Chris Hardwick.
  69. Have an action figure of myself.
  70. Experience watching all my favorite TV shows for the first time again.
  71. Go water skiing/wakeboarding while being pulled by a cruise ship.
  72. Be in a John Woo action scene.
  73. Learn knife throwing.
  74. Have a beer with Mike fucking Rowe.
  75. Watch all the musicians who posed in the famous A Great Day in Harlem photo.
  76. Stage dive/Crowd surf.
  77. Compete in a game of Curling! I don’t think I could lose….right?
  78. Be behind the scenes on a Jackie Chan movie.
  79. Properly produce a stop motion animated short.
  80. For a month, I want to know what it feels like to be a woman.
  81. Participate in the Running of the Bulls.
  82. Operate a chainsaw.
  83. Be in my own Motown-style singing group.
  84. Experience flying on a charter jet.
  85. Get into a legitimate and cafeteria wide food fight.
  86. Play the piano! Lounge style.
  87. Build a blanket fort like Troy and Abed did.
  88. Learn contact juggling.
  89. Be part of a Haka. Goddamn that looks so badass.
  90. On a lighter note, I’d like to watch some Native American dances.
  91. Join a competitive gaming tournament and not be knocked off in preliminaries
  92. Escape from any given situation by using a smoke bomb
  93. Watch all the movies during the greatest summer ever: 1985.
  94. Do something either dramatic or badass during rain.
  95. Hang out with Robin Williams for a day
  96. Receive a letter from every continent (even Antarctica. Get on it people)
  97. Be in a musical! Because why the fuck not?
  98. Create my own sci-fi universe.
  99. See how my mother is doing even for just one day.
  100. Everything that I do professionally and personally, I do with my friends.

Do see if you can make your own 100 Wishes list. It’ll be refreshing. Thanks again for making it this far.

  1. Doing this, though I don’t kno if I can come up with 100 right away.

    I’ve always wanted to see Patagonia as well. I know there are cruise ships that sail there. One day…

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