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Start Game. New Game Plus.

I’m a firm believer of cycles and restarts. I sometimes think we as people are in constant repetitive state where we continue to do things we used to, be it as kids or young adults, but on a more evolved and mature level as time goes on. That’s probably why I like this feeling of the blog starting up again. I used to blab about my life first on paper and on an X-Files notebook, which then changed into something more convenient in the electronic age, and where this story first began. Either that or it ties in with a certain show I’ve been blabbing about for almost two years that was also recently rebooted and has restarting and regenerating as a major theme.

The thing about reboots is that you have to re-introduce a new audience to what was a fairly old concept, before getting into the changes made for the modern era. It may seem pointless at first, but that was always the idea of rebooting. When you see what it once was, just imagine what it would be like now with today’s resources and life lessons. Now that’s out of the way, I give a brief back story. This is important.

I officially started blogging one evening back in late 2003. After being pestered by a friend for awhile to join this thing called “LiveJournal,” I bit the bullet and went with it. Back then children, LiveJournal was a secret club you just couldn’t sign up for and then make multiple journals for different things. You either had to pay for the service, or know someone who had an invite code that was up for grabs. That’s how I got started, so you kids better respect your elders should I decide to go back. And get of my lawn!

One of the things about that original blog was it was never meant to last that long. I never wanted to “maintain a blog” or be a “blogger.” Maybe because I had no interest at the time with blogging or I just asked myself “now what?” upon registering. It was never about “well people don’t really care what I have to say,” but I saw no point in it. Still, I made the most out of my first week, talking about Led Zeppelin and a recent Pacquiao fight that was on replay. Later on, I found out that I was going on a trip to Hong Kong with the family and that I would be leaving in about a week. Now that I had a blog, I thought that it’d be cool if I had internet access and just blog about my stay there. I was 19 and had no concept of this just yet. In a span of a few short days, the blog shifted from incoherent ramblings and angst riddled conversations with myself, to a brief travelogue of my daily on goings during my stay there. When I got back, I kept quiet for awhile but got back into the spirit of things. For the next six years and some, my stay in LiveJournal would evolve and would have significant repercussions personally both for the good and the bad. Kinda like how you’re supposed live life right?

Which brings me to today. I rebooted the blog just a little over a week ago with a new perspective on how to “long form blab” instead of in 140 characters or less. In that time when I stopped blogging all together, I began to read other people’s blogs and as the itch started to grow again, I couldn’t resist any longer. It was around that time I learned that in a few days time, I would be leaving for Singapore to spend the holiday week.

To recap: I was once hesitant about blogging, got snookered into it by a friend just as I was about to leave for a trip abroad. Seven years later, I decide to break out of my blogging spell, once again convinced by outside forces to do and I am leaving for Singapore tomorrow. From what I first said, I called the blog “New Sentimentality” because this gives me the chance to be sentimental about new things.

See how everything just fit?

It’s obvious at first, but if I had to dispense some life observations for my first official “rebooted blog,” it would be this: history does repeat itself, but people shouldn’t always look at that so negatively. It’s true that history will always have its mistakes and that is unavoidable. In this cynical world we live in, society seems more interested in your blunders more than what you accomplished. That’s why I choose to look at what good personal history has and how I can also either adapt or modify those positives to help avoid impending negatives. In my case, I’m not proud of how I approached my original blog at times, but there were some great moments there I always grin at. And with that and a chance to reboot, I can apply those lessons I learned by not only learning from my mistakes, but adapting the positives to fit the modern era.
The same goes with how you approach life. You may be in a place where there’s nothing but negativity, anger or resentment at something, but I’m confident that there’s some good that you’re doing or going through at this very moment. That should be the start of another, well, restart.

Before I close this, I want to give a quick heads up to Trish and Roni for being the unexpected catalysts of New Sentimentality. Trish is a good egg and one of the biggest geeks I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing in real life yet. I think my waiting for Series 6 and Series 2 of Sherlock wouldn’t have been as fun without her Yumi. She’s going on a European trip so you best check out her own travel blog right here. Before Roni showed up, I thought I was the most die-hard fan of ol’ Smitty around these parts. Knowing that she’s a big fan too is a great feeling and it takes me back to some of my favorite years growing up and obsessing over everything that man and his friends do.

I realize that the above paragraph talked about travel blogs and a rekindled fan worship of all things View Askew/SModcast. And so another cycle begins again.

EDIT: I just learned about Elisabeth Sladen’s passing today. For someone who wasn’t around for the original run of Doctor Who, I only knew her from the reboot and from old fans calling her the quintessential Companion. After seeing her work and in old episodes with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, I have no doubts about that. Wanted to share this bit from School Reunion.

“The universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world or a relationship, everything has its time. And everything ends.”


Arguments and Rebootal

Oh hello there. Been getting some questions from many sides so I thought I’d try to answer some of them.

Where are you?

I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Seriously, I live right across.

Can I have it back?

For the last time, I only have the blue one.

What are you listening to right now?

The Heavy’s Short Change Hero. Also know as my badass song of the month.

Why not start a blog again?

All right. Sure thing.

Great! Do you know where to begin?

Ah hell. That’s ALWAYS the problem.

Well no matter. Here we are again. Square one, the starting line and Point A. For a first post, I can call this a work in progress or maybe just a long overdue return. So away from 140 characters and reblogged posts of interests, this’ll be the new home of what was once my long form blog. Time for new things to chuckle, muse and get sentimental about then. I was on LiveJournal for 7 years, so a new production team’s been hired to put my thoughts into action.

I’ll figure out how WordPress works but I pick things up fast. Give me time.

And a crayon.