A Meaningful Repost

I posted the following entry two years ago on Facebook and I think it’s a great thing to repost. Aside from the reference to the election, there’s no outdated reference that you wouldn’t get. I mean, shit, if you think something from two years ago is obscure and forgetful….I don’t know anymore.

If you happen to be a friend on Facebook, you can check out the comments section too. Really great stuff, though I may be biased in saying that.

Anyway, learn more from this list of eleven things.


11 Years: Something Completely Different

Hi all. With the elections looming in even closer, I thought I’d try something different before we all go out and vote.

For all of you reading this and also being registered voters, May 10 is a significant date. Yet for a small few, May 10 was already an important date even before The Great Choosing. Obviously, this was the day, 11 years ago, that mom died. During her last days, I always believed that she chose to go on May 10 because May 9 back in ’99 was Mother’s Day.

Now here we are 11 years later and the dates seem to be falling into place as they were back then. Every May 10th, I try to do something unique on her day as my way of remembering her.

One thing I loved doing (and still do) was to collect all these little stories and anecdotes about my mom. Over the past 11 years, the stories I’ve heard from everyone about her created this persona that I wish I was around to see and get to know more. With the connectivity Facebook offers, I think I can do something cool.

This is my request for everyone tagged (or those reading who know what to do. Also, I couldn’t tag the entire family so if anyone wants to share it with others, please do.): Leave a comment here with some of your best and fondest memories of my mom. I want to hear all these stories about her, trivial or not. From what I’ve gathered, she was quite a character (and a helluva partier too.) I only knew her well as a mom, and I want to hear more stories that showed the side most of you saw.

So as not to feel so left out, here are 11 little stories/tidbits about my mom that I picked up over the years, be it from you all or from my time with her.

1.) We were near NAIA one time and I asked her who her favorite Beatle was. It was Paul.

2.) I got my affinity for spicy food after I noticed she kept asking for sili with her food.

3.) My love for computers also stemmed from sometimes picking her up in the office and as she got ready, I tinkered with her work computer by typing names of my favorite cartoon characters. Maybe also where I learned to type.

4.) She thought Matt Lauer and Mel Gibson were sexy.

5.) During the 1991 Baguio quake, she got mad at me for “shaking the bed.”

6.) Dad once mistook her snoring for a monster he thought he had to fight in a video game.

7.) Speaking of which, she may have been adamant about it, but mom was the one who bought me my video game consoles up until the PS1.

8.) Not only was she good as jackstones, but supposedly Tetris as well. Have a hard time believing the second part of that, but I know the first one to be very true.

9.) On one of her birthdays, she told me that I was “legally” allowed to have my first beer. Of course she also didn’t explain the concept of “pacing” and after my first, I went to bed.

10.) She was a Bulls/Michael Jordan fan. This may not seem much, but other than the UAAP games, I don’t see or hear much about mothers these days who are way into teams.

11.) Most of you know my affinity for Rick Astley when I was younger. My mom noted this and, for fun, she would play “Never Gonna Give You Up” and, as if by reflex, I would start dancing and singing it even if I was close to sleeping (This supposedly happened in Baguio one time).

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and to all mothers, I hope you get the pampering you deserve. My dad, Pips, Javi and myself have made it this far and I can only assume that mom’s been the one pampering us.

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